>> About Kincafe

Kincafe is your family network to connect, bond and cherish loved ones - the ones you grew up with, the ones you care for at the center of your heart. We bring you latest updates from your family and friends to you. You can build and link family trees together, remember birthdays and anniversaries, share your photo Albums, family calendar, blogs and other family treasures with all who care most.

Our Family tree based navigation technology allows you to easily reach anyone within your core and extended families. You no longer have to remember sooooo many different website or home page URLs just to reach family - at Kincafe you can go to your own family tree and navigate to anyone connected to you. Even better, Kincafe finds the latest updates of albums, blogs, announcements within your network and gives you all this information right on login.

We use state of the art Security Technologies. You manage whether to allow your friends and relatives, friends of friends and relatives, everyone, or no one outside your family to see your family's content.

Kincafe is growing rapidly into a global service for families worldwide to stay in touch and share special moments.

Best of all Kincafe is free. Sign up now and start enjoying!

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